New Brunswick during the 1970s – employers felt the crunch of fiscal issues, taking their businesses to where land and labor were less expensive, leaving behind a scenery of many empty, rundown buildings. Today is a whole new picture, thanks to what Omar Boraie started over four decades ago.

The vision for a restored New Brunswick keeps moving forward, as Sam Boraie, along with his siblings, helps to keep his father’s company, Boraie Development, in line with sustaining and creating new buildings. According to NJ Biz, these buildings not only house various companies, but also residential units. The revitalization project goes beyond what New Brunswick had in the past as now employers and those they employ can reside in closer proximity to one another. Imagine no more gridlock.

Sam states that Boraie Development has more plans for the long haul. For New Jersey to significantly rise from under, Boraie Development has collaborated with those interested in seeing these developmental processes continue. Additionally, Sam’s company goes through a tremendous amount of marketing strategies to influence other investors from New York to keep projects going: one celebrity who took the bait was Shaquille O’Neal.

Projects Completed In New Brunswick

Boraie Development certainly has been busy over the last four decades with the following building projects:

The AspireAlbany Street Plaza Towers One and TwoOne Spring Street Condominium

  • The Aspire – a residential high-rise
  • Albany Street Plaza Towers One and Two – office buildings
  • One Spring Street Condominium – serving residents, office spaces, retail outlets, a parking garage, and extra outdoor space for the residents

Sam Boraie: The Philanthropist

Omar Boraie’s son – Sam Boraie has provided homes for businesses and residents. He has also contributed to and worked with New Brunswick’s non-profit, Elijah’s Promise. Sam is on this non-profit’s advisory board and helps it with making decisions. Elijah’s Promise feeds the needy in New Brunswick, providing more than 100,000 meals per year through a soup kitchen, catering, and a cafe. Read more about New Brunswick’s exciting non-profit, Elijah’s Promise here.

Sam is certainly well positioned at the Boraie Development business and according to’s report Elijah’s Promise as he aids both in ways for creating change. Anyone can be good at their job, but it takes someone special to do good work for both a company and a community non-profit.


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