Securus Technologies is a prison communications provider that has managed to stand out from the crowd and be one of the leading companies in the sector. The company has been in the business of prison technologies for a long while and has been offering its services to numerous prisons across the country. Securus Technologies is operational in hundreds of locations throughout America and also in some places in Canada. The reason Securus Technologies has managed to stay so far ahead of the competition is owing to the merger that it underwent in 2008. During this time, Securus Technologies was at the number one spot in the prison communications industry, with T-Netix in the second place. Merging the two companies was one of the best moves since it helped expand the business even further than what they originally envisioned. Today, Securus Technologies stands tall as one of the best in the field with very few companies coming close to the record that Securus Technologies has.


The company offers an extremely broad range of services. The company offers some of the most modern methods of communication like video calls and voice calls so that inmates can keep in touch with their family and friends on the outside. To make the process of placing calls a lot easier and efficient, the company installed a system of personal accounts for their inmates. Their friends and family on the outside are permitted to send them money which could then be used to place calls. There is also an alternative system which enables people to pay for the services that they opt for after the month is over. By doing this, the company has made the process of communication a lot easier, which is why they are one of the most sought after communications providers in the entire country.


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    No doubt, there are several reasons why Securus has become the leader in prisons telecommunication. I have been opportuned to speak to a friend through video visitation chat. essay writing service ratings has it that Securus Technologies have prevented contraband drugs and cellphones, making the prisons and their officers safe.

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