Southridge Capital opened its business in 1996 with a desire to help corporations obtain funds for special projects. Their intent was to secure loans for these businesses using both traditional means and non-traditional. At the time they began, the banks and loan companies were reluctant to offer large amounts to corporations to use for upgrades and expansions. The economy was unstable at the time and lending institutes were wary of new ventures. But, since that time, the economy has improved and now there are many opportunities available to businesses. Private investors are now seeking new ways of increasing their revenue and are looking at large corporations to do this. They are willing to fund many of the projects that companies are looking to do. Southridge Capital has been successful in putting these investors together with potential borrowers. They work with both the investor and the business to get projects started and see them through to completion. They advise on any potential risks and possible blockages in the process. For more details visit Crunchbase.


The management team at Southridge has been working together since the inception of the business and brings many years of experience to the company. Each of them has an expertise in a different area of the investment process. Together they will come up with a plan of action for each of the projects that come to their office and can highly recommend them to their ever growing list of investors. They have secured loans from banks and other lending institutes for many up and coming companies who would otherwise be denied loans because of their lack of experience. Many times a new company is unable to fund their projects because of the risk involved in starting a new business. Southridge Capital’s employees are trained and educated by the company in order to serve their clients to the best of their ability. Check out their Facebook page.



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