Mark Mofid Is Changing The Face Of Buttlifts

Beauty World, Dr. Mark Mofid

Alarming headlines about the things that go wrong with butt lifts using implants are examples of the negativity surrounding gluteal augmentation. It doesn’t matter if it’s fat, implants or something else the news is usually bad and that is how Dr. Mark Mofid a plastic surgeon based out of San Diego knows he faces a challenge discussing the safety and anthropologic origins of button augmentation. The battle is a tough one but he is aiding in the altering of perceptions with innovations and research.

Mark Mofid attended Harvard and trained at Johns Hopkins and his practice includes more than gluteal augmentation. His way of thinking is illustrated along with his proclivity and surgical skill by the approach he takes to perfecting the procedure. Dr. Mark Mofid takes a confident, conservative and contemplative approach to using implants for butt lifts.

Mark Mofid told Plastic Surgery Practice that he only does intramuscular implants and refuses to go to large because the complication risk is higher. The largest implant Mofid will perform is 330cc and he refuses to use subfascial placement. It is easier to do fat grafts than implants and recover time is shorter though there are limitations to what can be done.

Do It Yourself Buttock Implants To Designer Implants

When he first began doing buttock implants Mark Mofid was frustrated at what was available to him because the implants were to big to perform intramuscular placement. In response he designed his own implant to solve the problems with existing implants. Mofid learned in Brazil from Raul Gonzalez. Mofid has spent years studying and researching to ensure that the techniques and materials he uses are as safe as possible. He wants his patients to have a realistic look and refuses to do anything to endanger them. Mark Mofid also performs cosmetic surgery on the eyes and reconstructive surgery on the breasts.