These days, many modeling agencies call themself “full service,” yet it is often rare to find one that truly offers the expanse of talents and models that many high fashion brands, companies and events are looking for.

It is for that reason that the Wilhelmina agency bought the Heyman Talent South agency in 2015 and decided to re brand the new entity as The Brown Modeling Agency. Since its inception in 2015, The Brown Agency has soared to incredible heights and become a house hold name in the fashion and modeling industries. Prior to becomming The Brown Agency, Wilhelmina and Heyman Talent South were two of the South’s biggest talent agencies. By combining themselves into one group and launching The Asgency, the two agencies became an unstoppable force and a true full service agency. Additionally, by combining the two companies and launching The Brown Agency, they are now able to offer a wider depth of talent including not only models and actors, but talented people with many skillsets, including niche work.

The Brown Modeling Agency is based in Austin and has several satellite offices and hubs throughout Texas and across the country, including Los Angeles. The women and men in Texas have been well known for their attention to their looks and sense of style and The Brown Agency provides company with that unique brand of Texas look and style from its huge selection of models, actors and other talented individuals.

The Brown Agency is spearheaded by Justin Brown. Brown was previously the leader at Wilhelmina Austin and he continues his role as Chief Executive Officer of The Brown Agency. The acting division of The Brown Agency is led by Michael B. Bonnee who previously was the founder of Heyman Talent South. Bonnee is known in the industry as a gifted leader that helps actors take their craft to the next level and land roles that serve as the cornerstones for career success.

Since The Brown Agency launched in 2015 its talented models and actors have worked globally with some of the top brands that exist in today’s fashion market. The resume of brands that rely on the Brown Agency to provide top talent include Dell, L’Oreal and Louis Vuitton, amongst thousands of others that frequently work with the agency.

The Brown Agency launched in Sept. 2015. The models of The Brown Agency have strutted their stuff across Fashion Weeks throughout the world, including New York Fashion Week.

The Brown Agency prides itself on providing these brands with true talent that is born and bred in Texas, although that is not a requirement. The Brown Agency continues to rapidly grow and will be delightful to see what is in store for the agency in the future! Follow the Brown Agency on Instagram.

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