It’s time to have a talk about the Chainsmokers new release “Sick Boy”. The Chainsmokers have been in the public ear for a couple years now, and their hits seem to be piling up. The dynamic electronic duo has produced hits such as #Selfie, Kanye, Closer, Don’t Let Me Down (this one scooped them up a Grammy), among many others. However, their recent single is deviating away from the “in your face” happy tunes that they are used to producing.

“Sick Boy” takes a darker more angry tone, and it looks to set a new artistic style for the talented EDM duo. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart met in the art houses of Manhattan, but their music has taken them on a tour around the world. Their new song “Sick Boy”, however, isn’t about a physical place, instead, the song is a dark reminder of how social media has affected the world and minds of the people in it.

In an interview with iHeart Radio, Pall talked about how the new song was a reflection of their experiences on social media platforms such as Instagram. Pall talked about how they have become misinterpreted and idealized, and people don’t know the real them. This disconnection led to the creation of “Sick Boy” an angry depressing tale about social media in America.

Will this new dark trend be a theme throughout the album? It looks like it. Fans are starting to see the more creating risk-taking side of the Chainsmokers. The echoes of their latest single are being consumed by fans and critics alike. The new stylization of their music has led to them being touted by critics that hated them and slammed by critics that don’t. Either way, the new style is a great change of pace for the band that risked being put down as “another pop band”.

If the rest of their new album is like the single “Sick Boy”, Chainsmokers have done something impressive. Their new work is dark, deep, and meaningful without being so obvious it’s a bore. I for one am looking forward to the future release of Sick Boy the EP, it should be something fresh from the electronic duo.

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