Todd Levine is a renowned lawyer who specializes in commercial real estate litigation. Throughout the twenty-five years that he has been in the industry, Levine has handled multiple cases in the sports and entertainment sector. His services are usually procured by property sellers, buyers, contractors, property managers, and other professionals who work in the real estate sector. As a commercial litigator, Levine has also handled cases that revolve around financial investment partnerships and finance agreement disputes. After taking up a client’s case, Levine formulates a strategy depending on his client’s expectations. He deploys his expertise and experience as a lawyer to create legal arguments. He also gathers a substantial amount of evidence that helps him to win cases.

Todd Levine enrolled at the University of Florida where he graduated in 1991. Over the years, he has received countless awards. He has also been recognized by renowned publications such as Super Lawyers Business Edition, Super Lawyers, Florida Trend Magazine, South Florida Business Journal, Martindale-Hubbell, the Daily Business Review, and the South Florida Legal Guide.

Levine understands the importance of innovation, which is why he incorporates innovation while handling a case. By doing so, Levine can come up with new ideas and crucial information that other litigators may fail to notice. He also reiterates that in business, people encounter various challenges and the most advisable way to solve such issues is through procuring the services of a commercial litigator.

Since business owners may not be conversant with the services offered by commercial litigators, Todd Levine gave some insight about what his career entails. Levine stated that before appearing in a court of law, it’s his duty as a commercial litigator to go through the claims and defenses of his clients. After that, he comes up with a plan on how to win the case. If you are a commercial litigator, you may have a hard time handling a commercial litigation case that falls under the multi-district or class action litigation. To maneuver such cases, you need a suitable strategy prior to taking up a case. Todd Levine also highlighted the importance of proper planning and research. He also works with other commercial litigators, and he preserves any information that may come in handy when handling a commercial litigation case.

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