The global entertainment industry has always been dominated by men but the changing times have recently been reflected in the creation of a list of the most influential female executives in the sector. One name listed which was completely expected was that of multisector executive, Desiree Perez who has grown into her position at Roc Nation after spending two decades leading the business side of the career of rapper, Jay-Z; it is impossible to discuss the success achieved by Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter without giving a large amount of credit to Desiree Perez.

As a business leader, Desiree Perez has become the go-to executive for Roc Nation when they are looking to develop new products or negotiate contracts. Perez has built a career on her reputation for being a tough negotiator responsible for deals at Roc Nation totaling more than $500 million with various well-known partners. Among the major deals negotiated by Desiree Perez is the $100 million contract signed with Live Nation to form the label in 2008 and the renegotiated contract signed between the two parties in 2017 for a reported $200 million.

The many responsibilities undertaken by Desiree Perez have allowed her to become one of the leading figures in the unique management model employed at Roc Nation where different executives can work across a range of projects within the business. Not only has the executive become the President and strategy head at the newly formed talent agency, Roc Nation Sports but she has also been working to relaunch the Tidal streaming platform through a $200 million partnership with Sprint. Perez even provides her own playlists featuring up and coming Roc Nation artists for Tidal designed to showcase the next level of talent coming through the ranks of this much-respected record label and entertainment giant.


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