Walmart is of the many carriers of Beneful dog food. The price of Beneful at Walmart varies on a number of factors, such as; quantity, type(dry or wet), and flavor. Beneful’s dry dog food prices range from abt $5.50 to $40.00. The lower end of the price range contains smaller quantities of the dog food, while the higher end contains the larger quantity.

Beneful’s wet dog food prices range from as low as the $1.77 all the way to upwards of $20. The lower end of the price spectrum is a smaller container containing enough for food for one meal. The other end of the spectrum is a large variety pack containing multiple flavors and enough food for several meals.

Walmart also carries Beneful dry dog food with Real Salmon. Beneful’s dry dog food with real salmon cost about $14 for a 31 lb bag. Walmart carries Beneful’s wet dog food with salmon as well cost anywhere from under $10 for a single serving all the way up to the $20 for a larger serving.


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