Many US investors have felt the rich oil and natural gas reserves within the US boundaries have gone untapped for far too long, and now companies are pushing to start getting into them. With these big oil booms and increased domestic energy supply, it’s also a good opportunity for investors who may have been worried about decreasing oil prices from 2015-2017. What investors can take advantage of now are great new stock alternatives that are based primarily in the energy sector known as freedom checks. You may have seen a video or heard rumors about these and wondered if there was anything to them. They are quite legitimate and you would be missing out by not taking advantage of them.

Freedom checks will likely not be received as checks, though you can opt to receive them in the mail in that form. But more than likely you would have them direct deposited in a brokerage account or in a regular bank account similar to paycheck direct deposit. Basically when you buy a freedom check, you’re buying it like you would most stocks on the exchange. But instead of buying into a regular corporation and becoming a shareholder, you’re becoming a unit-holder of a master limited partnership (MLP) company. These companies work a bit differently than regular corporations, and once you own a unit of an MLP, you own a freedom check that could make double, triple or ten times it’s amount in returns, and you will not pay tax on it. You might think, “Wow, how is that even possible?” MLP shares are not under the category of return on income like most stocks that are taxed are. Instead the way they’re classified is as a return on capital, a definition that makes them tax exempt to own, though the lower capital gains rate will apply if you plan to sell. To know more about the company click here.

How do you know freedom checks are legitimate? Matt Badiali, a respected geologist and investment newsletter writer has personally investigated them and been with the MLP companies who issue them, and his newsletter readers even reported that the dividends they received for them were quite high. You do want to make sure if you plan to buy them that you grab them before the price is too high or the shares have stopped being issued. To find out more about freedom checks, read the newsletters at

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